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                                                             include the marketing, searching, consulting, career counselling, screening, qualifying, reference checking, shortlisting and recommending of candidates for a specific job description. We partner with Private Enterprise, Government Agencies, Family Businesses, Non-Profit Organisations and Small to Medium Companies Australia wide.

Our Services

Interactive Cloud Solutions

Our interactive, real-time recruitment cloud provides your hiring team with access to our resumes, interview booking system and more.

Privacy & Protection

We take privacy seriously and have measures in place to protect both applicant and employer during the screening process.

Chilli Recruitment School of Rock Training

Our exclusive training school concentrates on results and sales performance, and is suitable for recruitment consultants, HR advisors and sales representatives.

Chilli Recruitment Floating Boats 

You may know the saying, 'whatever floats your boat,' and this is diverse for all. Individuals are motivated and inspired differently and our Human Profiling Assessment can help to uncover what that is, so that you can introduce more of it.

Recruiting & Shortlisting

We take detailed job and person descriptions, and select a shortlist of high performers for you to interview.


Executive & Management


You can select from our silent targeted service or an actively branded service to attract a high performing leader with proven results.

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